Setting Standards for Good Relations

Our procurement function ensures the timely, global supply of goods and services at suitable market conditions, in the required quality and in accordance with the Group’s ethical, ecological and social standards.

Olin regards adherence to these sustainability standards within its supply chain as a crucial factor in the value chain. By acting responsibly in collaboration with our suppliers, we aim to minimize risks and create stable, long-term business relationships with our risks and create stable, long-term business relationships with our partners. For this reason, we apply not just economic standards, but also environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards in choosing new suppliers or continuing our relationships with existing ones.

Procurement focuses on the security of supply, financial contributions, and qualitative requirements while acting in accordance with ethical, environmental, social, and economic principles.

Our Company Values

Our success as a company is directly linked to our commitment to operate with integrity every day, in every way and by every employee in our company. Our company Values and our Code of Conduct are the basis for how we do business. Our Values establish standards of behavior for every employee at every level of our organization.