Proactive Product Stewardship

Olin takes great pride in handling its products safely and enabling its customers to do the same. Olin’s product stewardship and quality policies are aligned with our Core Values and other globally recognized standards. These standards, which apply to the chemicals business segments in Olin and all relevant subsidiaries, ensure that our product safety performance is properly evaluated and continuously improved. They also ensure that relevant aspects are publicly available.

Olin Leadership demonstrates its commitment to the standard through active participation and communication concerning product safety, within their organizations and to external stakeholders.

Olin’s global Product Stewardship practices include:

  • Ensuring that our products, and their components and packaging, are meeting registration schemes and all other regulatory requirements in the countries where they are produced, shipped through and sold.
  • Empowering Product Stewards and Product Regulatory Experts in each region to facilitate our standards.
  • Actively engaging in Product and Process Design improvement projects and, together with research scientists, working to make health, safety and environmental impacts, including energy and natural resources, key considerations in those projects.
  • Providing testing information to customers and the interested public via detailed product literature.
  • Providing detailed product hazard and handling information to customers, including making Safety Data Sheets available in local languages.
  • A hands-on approach to working with customers to foster proper use, handling, recycling and disposal of products.
  • Requiring customers to correct improper practices related to an Olin product; at our discretion, we may cease doing business with those who are unwilling to implement these measures.
  • Only working with suppliers or external manufacturers who employ appropriate practices for health, safety and environmental protection for the operations, and those who provide appropriate Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) information and guidance on their products.
  • Supporting industry associations with the development of product safety information in non-technical language for Priority Chemical Substance Groups and making this information accessible to the public.
  • Creating, maintaining and updating a comprehensive Quality Management System Manual for employees, as well as an easy-to-follow overview of Olin’s quality systems for review by customers and other interested audiences.

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Please visit our business websites for product-specific Product Stewardship Manuals:

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