Company Overview

Olin is the global leader in chlor alkali products, epoxy materials, and small-caliber ammunition. We passionately focus on a resilient model to continue generating value for customers, investors, and our communities as we methodically, safely, and responsibly deliver innovative solutions that advance a sustainable future.

Olin Corporate Responsibility headquarters icon

Clayton, Missouri USA

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$6.8 billion
annual revenue 2023

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25 manufacturing sites
in 8 countries

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7,400 employees

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Offices in 15 countries

Our Approach to ESG

Olin Corporate Responsibility ESG Uphold


Protect our employees and communities through our industry-leading occupational and process safety programs.

Olin Corporate Responsibility ESG Strengthen


Proudly strengthen United States defense, international defense, law enforcement, and conservations through our Winchester ammunition brand.

Olin Corporate Responsibility ESG Reduce


Significantly reduce environmental impact by using technology and commercial innovation to lower our carbon footprint, net water usage, and resource consumption.

Olin Corporate Responsibility ESG Advance


Develop and enable sustainable solutions within the value chain through our product and service offerings.

Olin Corporate Responsibility ESG Uphold


Consistently uphold our Olin values and governance standards as we amplify our culture of inclusion and cultivate our diverse workforce.

Responsibility in Everything We Do

Olin is strongly committed to excellence in protecting the environment, health, safety, and security of our employees and those who live and work around our plants. Olin operations worldwide comply with all local requirements and implement other standards as required to protect the environment, health, safety, and security of our operations.

Our safety, health, and environmental goals are designed to sustain our drive to Zero incidents. Relentlessly and responsibly. We constantly emphasize the importance of monitoring the safety, security and environmental impact of our plants. Through our day-to-day vigilance, Olin strives to be recognized as one of the industry’s best performers.

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Producing Responsible Products

At Olin, our Product Stewardship program is guided by our core values – Act with Integrity, Drive Innovation and Improvement, and Lift Olin People. We are committed to the safe handling and use of our products – and enabling all of our collaborators throughout the value chain to do the same. As a Responsible Corporate Citizen, we assess our products’ safety, health, and environmental information and take appropriate steps to protect employees, public health, and the environment. Ultimately, our product stewardship program’s success rests with each individual involved with Olin products – from the initial concept and research to the manufacture, sale, distribution, use, disposal, and recycling of each product.

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Global Integrity Applied Locally

We strongly believe in meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. We recognize the impact our company has on our natural resources and are committed to the guiding principles of responsible corporate citizenship. This also means striving for a company culture responsible to the ongoing economic goals of our employees and shareholders.

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