Applying our Policy of Protection

Olin is committed to Acting with Integrity, Driving Innovation and Improvement, and Lifting Olin People.  The safety of our people and our processes as well as responsible stewardship of the environment are critical to our operation. Our leadership visibly performs and guides the organization to conduct business in a manner that protects and increasingly benefits our employees, business partners, the communities in which we live and the world around us. All employees are accountable to embody responsible citizenship through active engagement in the Olin EHS&S process 

Olin will, in its worldwide activities:

  • Commit to meet or exceed all applicable legal, regulatory, and other requirements
  • Establish objectives and targets that drive continual improvement and foster sustainable protection for the environmental, health, safety, process safety, resource efficiencies, distribution, and security processes affecting our people, products, operations, and services. 
  • Relentlessly pursue ZERO injuries and adverse environmental and health impacts through a robust assessment of internal and external risks and opportunities and development of management systems to address them
  • Implement actions to meet related company resource targets by reducing energy, optimizing operational efficiency, minimizing process releases, practicing water and waste stewardship, and making prudent investments in renewable resources
  • Share information openly with our stakeholders regarding our EHS&S policies, practices, and publish relevant performance measures, welcoming stakeholder engagement
  • Upgrade or modify current facilities in such a manner as to ensure excellent process safety management and address sustainability and efficiency in our operations 
  • Be a good steward of Olin products and materials over their life cycle to ensure prudent safe, and sustainable development, sourcing, production, use, handling, transportation, and disposal/recycle

Learn more about our global commitment.

Download Olin’s Environmental, Health, Safety & Security Policy

Download Olin’s Energy Policy

Política de Meio Ambiente Saúde e Segurança

Download Olin’s ISO 14001:2015 Certificate

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Download Olin’s ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 Certificate – China

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Download Olin’s ISO 14001:2015 Certificate – Germany

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