Dear Colleagues:

Everything we do reflects on our company and our ability to be an industry leader. We work hard to manufacture and deliver great products and services, but never at the expense of our Core Values.

Olin is committed to our Core Values: Act With Integrity; Drive Innovation and Improvement; and Lift Olin People. This commitment helps us, with each decision we make, to do what’s right.

The Olin Code of Conduct is our binding and practical guide to making ethical decisions at every level, regardless of our position or seniority. No matter our responsibilities or location around the world, the Code applies to all of us: Directors, Officers, Managers, and Employees. Everyone should read, understand, and refer to the Code as often as needed.

I encourage you to talk with your manager or any of the other resources listed in the Code whenever you have questions or concerns with decision making. Through engaged dialogue we learn and ensure compliance, but more importantly, we live our Values every day and in every way.

Thank you for your commitment to representing Olin with the highest standards of integrity to enable our company’s long-term growth and prosperity.

Ken Lane
President & CEO
Olin Corporation

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